FAQ:: Shootsac

Every time we’re shooting a portrait session or wedding, someone asks, “What is that?!” Well, THAT my friends is a Shootsac. It’s a little bag that has changed the way we shoot.



A Shootsac is a lens bag … Meaning, it’s made specifically to hold your lenses while you shoot. With that said, that bag has held way more than just lenses. Last weekend, while J was running his marathon, it held: a banana, a book, a map, sunglasses, two bottles of Vitamin Water and a Power Bar. 

Okay, so basically, we love this bag, because it gives us freedom during a session or wedding. We can leave the big bulky camera bag in the car, and just take the items we need for our shoot. The entire bag is made from what can best be described as wetsuit material. There are three large pockets on one side, and three more pockets on the back with snap closures. The Shootsac comes standard with a black cover, but the awesome people that created it knew that photographers would want more. They offer several different covers that can be changed super easily.  



The three pockets on the front are deep enough for a 70-200 2.8 lens, which is the longest lens that most portrait/wedding photographers use on a regular basis. The snap pockets on the bag of the bag are perfect for things like keys, memory cards, business cards, hand sanitizer, cell phone, lipgloss, etc. The entire bag is pretty flexible, so it wraps around your body while you’re shooting. Plus, it doesn’t look like a camera bag. That means we are very comfortable wearing this bag in public … I don’t feel like it screams, “I’m a camera bag, come steal me!”, which is always great when you’re out of your element and looking like a tourist!


Typically we have a few lenses, a flash, memory cards and everything we need for a wedding day in this bag. There are a few exceptions (my light sphere for example), that don’t fit in the bag, but these are the essentials. 


You can check out the Shootsac site by clicking here.

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