Friday Five :: Michigan, The Big C, and Fall

Happy Friday everyone! Is it just me, or did this week FLY by? Whew! We are currently in the car on our way to Ann Arbor, Michigan for Ray + Chelsea’s wedding. We thought we’d queue up this post for today to be sure we could leave you with our Friday Five for this week. Are you totally digging this?? We’d love to hear how your week went, too. Slow? Fast? Anything exciting happen?

  1. Michigan: Michigan is our favorite glove-shaped state. It’s our favorite state that’s surrounded by the great lakes … Ok, in all seriousness, Michigan has been the spot for two of our amazing weddings this summer: Mike + Sarah were married in St. Joe in June and we’re headed up to Ann Arbor as we speak for Ray + Chelsea’s wedding tomorrow! We just love it there. Plus, any excuse for a road trip is good enough for us.
  2. Bolthouse Farms: Normally when people are handing out samples at the grocery store, I avoid eye contact and act like I don’t see them there with their bacon-wrapped cocktail weenies. Internet, I tell you: The grocery store sample lady is not vegetarian friendly. Always trying to get me to eat meat! Ok … Back to the point. When we went to the store about a month ago, I made eye contact with the sample lady, and good thing I did. She was giving out samples of Bolthouse Farms smoothy drinks. I tried the C-Boost, and I was hooked. I bought a bottle, and then another, and then another. This is SO good. It reminds me of the best baby food (I’m weird, I think baby food is awesome: I was 13 when my sister was born, give me a break), and some sort of fruit that I can’t quite put my finger on. Basically, it’s great, and I try to drink a glass every morning as it is full of nutriment. 
  3. The Big C: J and I have been having the battle lately about getting rid of cable. I feel like I waste too much time watching TV, but he argues that we bought a very nice HD TV, so we might as well use it. Every time I feel like calling the cable company and axing our service, I remember my favorite shows that I can’t watch without cable: All shows on Showtime and HBO are amazing. Our favorites are: TrueBlood, Weeds, Dexter, Entourage, Nurse Jackie. Last week, we caught the first episode of The Big C, staring Laura Linney, and now we’re hooked. We love it. Damn you Showtime! You sucked us in again! 
  4. Captain Crunch: My husband is amazing, and bought me Captain Crunch the other morning on his trip to the grocery store. I haven’t had it since I was like 13. My oh my!! I’ve missed that cereal. Sure, I was hungry by 11:00 AM, and it might have scraped up the top of my mouth, but it was totally worth it!
  5. Fall: Maybe Autumn would have been more appropriate, but that’s ok. The other day, I opened our garage door and there were orange, dry leaves dancing across our driveway. The garage was cool, and for a split second I got the feeling that it was October instead of August. I cannot wait until the leaves start changing and that cool Indiana weather rolls in. It will be received with open arms this year, as we’ve had such a hot, dry summer.

In honor of our road trip today, I thought I’d leave you with this image from our trip to Alabama. Something about this photo spoke to me. I dig it.  semi-truch.jpg

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