Well, another week goes by and Friday is here before you know it.  It seems like it’s been forever though.  Crazy busy life = complete lack of awareness of time.  Actually, after looking back, it looks like we’ve missed an F::F or two.  I guess you might expect this one to sparkle extra bright then… we’ll see. :)

  1. The wonder of Pepsi MAX:  When it comes to health, I’d say we have our vices.  To put it bluntly, I’ve never been called the epitome of healthiness.  Awesomeness, yes; health, no.  That said, over the last 6 months, I would say that we’ve really been trying to “fix” our bad habits of eating crap food (<—— technical term).  We’ve tried to cut out much of the bad-for-you fast food.  We’ve started, stopped, started, stopped and pondered working out.  Still working on that.  I, J, have even made a deal with R that if I don’t eat meat, she has to work out with me.  You’d think that’d be a motivator for her.  Lets see how it’s going: Jim (something like 30 days) - Ravyn (0!!!!!!! times working out).  So where does Pepsi come into this?  Right now.  One of the things I can’t seem to completely kick, even though it’s one of the worst things to drink, is soda.  I don’t know why, but I love it.  We stumbled upon the wonder of Pepsi MAX a few months ago and it was love at first… gulp.  It tastes almost exactly like regular Pepsi, none of that diet crap.  If you’re a Pepsi person, that doesn’t want the empty calories that tag along, this is the way to go.
  2. Clean House:  When it comes to the hustle and bustle of a busy wedding season, it’s extremely easy to put certain things on hold.  For us, it was our house.  It’s so easy to come home after a long weekend and go, “Nope.  Not gonna do it.”  Well, we’ve changed that mindset.  Our recent trip to our future home (Portland for those living under a rock) gave us inspiration to keep our lives a little more organized.  No more being bums after a weekend.  I know I’ve personally never been so tired that I passed out after 5 minutes of folding laundry or doing dishes.  So, from here on out, our house is going to be awesomely clean.  Test us.  Drop in.  Ask for a random picture.  Our goal is to not be thrown off guard with the randomness that our life sometimes brings. :)
  3. Goodwill:  With the cleaning of the house comes the willing of the good.  Um…I mean… Goodwill.  As you know, to a point of disgust, we are moving.  To PORTLAND!  We still get excited every time we say it.  As this great adventure nears, we are constantly editing and re-editing what we actually need and use in our life.  Our goal is to not bring a bunch of the random crap we don’t use with us.  We are figuring out what’s important, what’s pointless, what’s worthless, etc.  We’re cutting ties with things once important and keeping only our items that are priceless to us.  This is, at times, very difficult, but keeping in mind that we’ll be living in PORTLAND! in the near future puts us at ease.  We’ve made probably 5 trips to good ol’ Goodwill this summer and have countless more in the future.  Hopefully our junk brings as much joy to someone else.  And hopefully if they move to PORTLAND! they can pass it on to someone else.
  4. Friends + Family:  Duh.  Everyone loves their friends and family.  We just wanted to give them a quick shout out.  With a busy first year for us, we were in and out of our house more than we could have imagined.  Our friends and family stepped in countless times to watch our fur-children.  Sure, they got to enjoy the awesomeness that is Chez Stadick.  But, they also had to deal with the craziness of our psycho dogs and our butthole of a cat.  So, family and friends, we thank you for being awesome.  Bill, Ruca and Molly also say thank you.  Well, Ruca and Molly did.  Bill’s still a butthole. :)
  5. Nerdage:  Being designers, artists, photographers and all around absurdly well cultured people, we always try to stay on the cutting edge of the design world.  Just yesterday, as I was gearing up for an enthralling class, I noticed a totally sweet pen on a nearby desk.  I opened it.  Schwing!  This is… one of the sweetest pens I’ve used.  Perfect for sketching and preliminary linework, this baby was awesomely smooth.  I immediately looked around for the owner.  Upon finding him, I asked where he got it (I can’t remember what he said because the pen was so awesome).  He actually had a box of them so I bought one and am in pen heaven.  I showed R and she nerded out just like me.  She drew one squiggle and quickly proceeded to write down the name of the pen so we could buy our own box.  VICTORY!  Well, nerd victory.  Check it out sometime.  It is the Pilot Bravo! <—- The exclamation point goes with the title.  See, they know how awesome the pen is too.  If you’re a drawer, get it.  Love it.  And then be crazy and post about it. :)

Well faithful followers, this concludes another Friday :: Five.  We hope you enjoyed today’s installment.  Hopefully it was the icing on the cake that was a wonderful week.  Get out there and enjoy this completely random weather.  Go camping.  Take a hike (on a trail, I’m not being mean).  Have a bonfire.  Regardless, just have an amazing weekend.  Cheers!


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