Friday Five :: Twitter, Blogs and the Pups

Is it really possible that there was frost on the ground this morning? To me, that’s just one step closer to snow. As I took the dogs out for their morning ‘potty time’, I noticed the grass crunching under J’s size 13 Adidas sandals that I insist on wearing every morning. With socks. While I was standing out there, the rest of the leaves that had held on until today were falling off the trees, and it was right then that I realized it’s November 19th … as in, only about a month until Christmas. I think since we aren’t the poster children for Martha Stewart Holidays magazine (does that exist?), it’s easy to forget how fast the seasons come and go. We don’t have a mantle to display a cornucopia in the Fall only later to replace it with 10 little snowmen statues. Basically, it’s just those small moments of time I get to myself, outside, on a cold day that remind me to slow down … take it all in … and maybe even put a snowman statue out this year. 

Today’s Friday five is all about ‘a day in the life’ of Jim and Ravyn. You could probably argue that 100% of these posts reflect our lives, but this is a typical day. What we use … what gets us through. Make sense?

  1. Blogs: Most mornings start with a cup of hot tea, and 100 bookmarks in Safari (don’t judge me, I use Safari). As bloggers, we know the energy and time that goes into creating each post, coming up with content, and ‘advertising’ afterwards. I really enjoy following these blogs, and even getting to know the person behind them. Like I said, I check about 100 every day, but I definitely have my favorites: I love Jasmine’s blog. She and her fiance are getting ready to get married, and they are doing the whole thing on a super budget. I love the ‘voice’ she writes with, and her posts are really fun. My bestie Amy has a sweet blog too! She’s an amazing seamstress (did I use the right word?). She fixed my favorite shirt when we were visiting in Portland, and her blog teaches people how to sew things. Specifically, cool, useful things. I am obsessed with Tara’s Ink + Wit blog. Her designs are so clean and beautiful … it’s super inspiring, and sometimes she even posts cute videos of adorable animals (best thing ever). Lastly, there’s Ellie’s blog, Mint. This blog is like my crack. She links to so many amazing design blogs which feature paper, furniture, typography, and other forms of art. It’s like sensory overload, but in a totally good way. While there are so many other blogs I read, these are a few of my favorites.  
  2. Sketching: Oh, my sketch book. I go through at least 5 pages a day … I have one page that’s bookmarked for random ideas that I either need to think more about or that I need to do, NOW! We are getting ready to launch our design site (Did I just let the cat out of the bag?), so I’ve been gathering all of my thoughts into my handy sketchbook. I have a new found love for creating my own hand drawn lettering, and drawing graphic elements to be turned into vectored pieces. I find that the best way for me to elaborate on my ideas is to first sketch them into a tangible idea, and then go from there. It’s therapeutic … plus, my little ideas don’t get lost in a folder on the computer. 
  3. Twitter: Otherwise known as my time-waster. I would probably be 400% more productive without it, but my day would be a little less cool. I love Twitter … this might sound really mean, but it’s not like Facebook in the sense that I have to be friends with someone just because we went to high school together. Do I care about so-and-so’s photos of their kids? Sure I do, but when I’m sitting at my desk working, Twitter gives me a 5 minute break from time to time to catch up with other creatives and follow what they are working on for the day. Most of the people I follow are designers, photographers and/or bloggers, so their posts are relevant to my life and my interests. Here are a few of my favorite Tweeters (that’s not the right word): @jimstadick (my hubby, duh!), @amyalan (same fabulous lady with the blog I mentioned up there), @glwerner (Gail is a wonderful photographer, and has some of the best links to awesome things), @urbanweedsblog (I’ve talked about her before … she goes out on the streets of Portland and finds people wearing wonderful outfits. She photographs them, and gives a little blurb about their style. It’s really great), @themamaship (Laura is a mom to a little one and has another really little one on the way. I love her blog and her tweets are just as good).  
  4. Music: This is a given. I cannot work without music. While I have a pretty good library on my computer, I love to turn Pandora on and just let it play my stations all day. This morning’s playlist has consisted of: Signal Hill Transmission, Rosie Thomas, Ingrid Michaelson, Incubus, Sufjan Stevens, Damien Rice (swoon), Band of Horses (love), She & Him, Kings of Leon, Regina Spektor, and others. I love that I can learn new music (which is totally helpful to my creative process: I’m much more productive when I’m not singing along to a song), and I get to listen to some of my favorite songs from the past. 
  5. Puppy Noses: Okay, I know this one’s a stretch. I guess unless you’re a dog owner, you might not fully appreciate this. If I didn’t have these two little faces hanging out with me all day, I would probably be a grumpy person. Plus, Ruca (the black one) loves to lay under my desk, keeping my feet warm. Win for me! So yeah, we took these photos of the pups noses, probably unintentionally. Anyone who knows these dogs knows that they don’t really sit still. Trying to take their photo is sort of like trying juggle chainsaws while making a soufflé (very difficult). Oh well, accidental shots are sometimes my favorites, and these are no exception.  

Molly is our baby … Molly.jpg

Ruca is the middle ‘child’ and totally follows all of the characteristics. Ruca.jpg

Bill thinks he’s a dog. He was our first baby … and he was upset that I wasn’t going to include him in this Friday Five! Bill.jpg

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