Friday Five :: Brown County, Laugh Lab and iPhones

Does anyone else feel like this week has flown by? Fortunately, our to-do list is about 90% done, and we’re hoping to use today to get that last 10% done. Considering it’s going to be in the 80’s this weekend … we have to get everything done today, because I have a feeling we’ll be outside alllll weekend. Without further adieu, here’s this week’s installment of our Friday Five!  

  1. The Social Network: Once again, we took advantage of the $5 movie theatre by our house and went to see The Social Network. I will say that I know the story was pretty one-sided, but even with that consideration, the movie was so interesting. Jesse Eisenberg FINALLY played a character who wasn’t extremely awkward. Armie Hammer, who played the Winklevoss twins, added a necessary tension to the storyline. There was an entire scene that was filmed using a tilt-shift lens, so we got to nerd out. Basically, seeing how a college student became a billionaire in a matter of years was really inspiring. Sure, I’m not going to steal someone’s multi-billion dollar idea, but it does inspire me to work hard and not wait for approval or permission to make my dreams a reality. 
  2. Brown County: Tomorrow morning I’ll leave to go on my Girls Attack weekend trip! Myself and four other ladies will hop in the car and drive down to Nashville, Indiana to spend a weekend in this beautiful fall weather with some great friends. Typically, our day consists of settling in at the BCI, shopping, drinking, lunch, shopping, shopping, shopping, a little more drinking, dinner, and then a little more drinking. Everything in Brown County is within walking distance, and the hardest part of the day is lugging around shopping bags. I love taking time out (away from internet, and the typical day-to-day) to enjoy myself, relax and refresh. So girls … let’s make it an awesome weekend!!! I can’t promise I won’t steal anything (a giant marshmallow) this year. Let’s see if we can make it onto their website again!
  3. Laugh Lab: Last night, we blogged to announce our new love child - the Laugh Lab photo booth. We’ve known for months that Daniel & Kristy were going to be our guinea pigs, but we had no idea how big of a hit it would be. We’ve already started finding new props (hats, fake mustaches, etc.), and we’re stoked to book our laugh lab for our upcoming weddings. I love that the booth isn’t a traditional photo booth. Most booths that you book for weddings are TINY! The photos are small, and they are super expensive. Our booth is super affordable, it’s huge, and your guests will get to view the high-res photos in your wedding gallery. Our first experience with the Laugh Lab was amazing … the guests had so much fun with it. We were so happy that it was such a hit and that it went so smoothly. Big props to Roberts camera shop in Carmel. We were in panic mode when we realized the light umbrella we were going to use wouldn’t work … Roberts had already closed, but we called and the guy stayed late and let us in to buy a new umbrella after they had already locked up. That’s awesome customer service!! We’ll definitely be back! 
  4. iPhones: I can already promise you that we’ll be blogging about this again, but we ordered our new iphones on Thursday!!!!! Let me give you an idea of the current phone situation: My cell phone sucks. Everyone always asks, “Where did you get that thing?”, mostly because it looks like something Zach Morris might have carried around! I think it was one of the first smart phones, so it’s huge.  The battery sucks (as in, as soon as I unplug it from the charger, it says it’s about to die), and it looks like it’s been dropped 9853624 times. J’s contract with Verizon is done on the 15th, so we decided to order the new phones that way we can transfer the service on the 15th without any lag time. The phones won’t be here until Monday, but I think it still deserves to make the Friday Five.
  5. Personal Photos: Something I’ve noticed since starting my photography business is that it’s so easy to slip into forgetting why you started taking photos in the first place. Even though I LOVE documenting love and relationships … I first loved taking photos of my life. I was just going through my computer and found two photos I took about a month ago. I love both of them … They might not mean much to anyone else … but to me, they make me feel home. J was laying in bed on the phone and the sunshine was bright and shining in our window. I loved the way our comforter looked with the harsh shadows and highlights. Our bed is so cozy, so maybe that’s what I think of … *WARNING* If you don’t like feet, don’t look at the last photo! :o) I just love this photo of J’s feet. Not sure why. I just do. So yeah, I need to focus more on shooting for my life, and making sure they make it on to the computer! 

Comforter.jpg Feet.jpg

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