Friday Five :: Auto-tune, September, and Stiff

Happy Friday everyone! This week has been a blur. We’re gearing up for another big weekend! Mike + Sara are getting married, and then we have two engagement sessions on Sunday (that means we’ll be introducing you to two more of our fabulous wedding couples). We’re doing our weekly deep clean of the house today … have I mentioned that ‘doing dishes’ will never be on the Friday Five? We hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend! Enjoy this installment of our Friday Five!
  1. September: It’s officially here. The best month of the year. I mean, not only is this the month where the weather starts to change from that hot summer air to the awesomeness that is Autumn, but it’s also my (Ravyn) birthday month. I believe that one day isn’t long enough to celebrate, so I like to designate the entire month of September! I’ll be 25 this year, which my dad reminded me is sort of a big deal … I’m thinking Jim should do dishes the entire month of September, ya know, to celebrate this big milestone! … anyone? anyone?
  2. Stiff: Between all we have going on these days, it’s hard to find an hour or even 20 minutes to sit down and read. I LOVE to read, but this lack of extra time is really encroaching on my book time. I bought Stiff back when we went to Portland in May. I started reading it on the plane ride home, and since then I’ve only had time to read 5-10 pages at a time. The other day, I got an entire hour to sit and read. I got through a few more chapters, which made me feel like I accomplished something huge. Anyway, this book is wonderful. I love how Mary Roach takes serious topics and reports them in a light way, while still keeping the integrity of the topic intact.    
  3. $5 Movies: The movie theatre by our house has started playing their movies for $5.00, Monday through Thursday… no matter what time, no matter which movie. What-the-what? For a couple like us (cheap), we totally love being able to go see a movie during the week, and not spending $96589578 on tickets. Kudos to you AMC, you rock. 
  4. Amazing Friends: My amazing friend Amy sent me a handmade Shootsac cover this week (will post photos soon). Are you kidding me? She’s so talented. Not only is it perfect (dimensions, materials, etc.), it’s beautiful. The fabric goes PERFECTLY with our brand (which was totally not planned) … I just can’t say enough. Love you Amy! You’re the best!! PS, Don’t worry, we’re still on the Oregon Trail bandwagon!! We’ll be in Portland before you know it!
  5. Auto-tune: Have you heard of this? You probably have, unless your house is a rock, and you’re living under it. There are few things I love more than laughing, and funny internet videos have a special place in my heart. This morning, we watched these two videos and couldn’t stop laughing. I suggest you watch the original videos (click the links under the clips) to understand why these are so funny. I’d like to clarify that I do not like the auto-tune when it comes to music … it’s just annoying at that point, but when it’s applied this way, I can’t get enough!

See the original video here … This one might be funnier than the one above! 

See the original video here.

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