Friday!  Finally!  I’m sure you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seats all week to figure out what randomness will be the Friday Five.  Well, wait no longer.  This week has been randomness galore and we can’t help but throw it your way.  Have a great weekend J+R followers!

  1. My Civic:  Now, for the most part, every man loves his car.  This can range from, “Yeah, it’s pretty cool.” …to, “I lost my job, my dog ran away, but I’ve still got her. *wink*” <—— by her he means, of course, the car.  I fall somewhere in between those extremes.  I have had only 2 cars in my life.  Car #1, my high school first car, my 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme LS.  She was a good car, but had to give her the boot back in 07.  My new love affair?  My 07 Honda Civic.  By no means a sports car or an off-road dream machine, this car has proven to be the driving workhorse Honda has produced since the 60’s.  This summer alone, R and I have driven the 4-cylindered beast to Birmingham, AL; Chicago, IL; St. Joe, MI; and Ann Arbor, MI.  Honda, (unfortunately, she doesn’t have a name yet) we love you.  And we look forward to the many road trips that you will take us on in the future.  …especially the one where you take us to PDX.
    (don’t judge her over the bugs… consider them tiny little road trip badges.  actually, that’s kind of gross)
  2. Sunflower Seeds:  As you may or may not know, I recently started my final year of graduate school.  My schedule, though only 2 days a week, is let’s just say… frickin’ intense!  What the heck do sunflower seeds have to do with school?  I know, weird stretch.  Last year, and in previous years, my hour (sometimes more) commute home got difficult after a long day.  One of my favorite ways to make that trek were windows down, music UP, and a cheap cigar in hand.  I wanted to change that last one.  Sunflower seeds are the bomb-diggity.  That’s right.  Throw a handful of those little babies in your cheek and you’ve got 15-20 good minutes of concentration and deliciousness.  No more tired Jimbo on a long ride home.  Thank you Frito Lay.  You done me proud.
  3. New Friends:  One of the best things about this biz, is all of the great people we meet along the way.  Remember a few weeks ago when I was kind of complaining about my butt’s lack of water sports this summer?  Well, our friends, you may remember them, Mike + Sarah, shot us the invite for a Saturday on the water.  A day of canoeing?  Yessir!  We love making photos for people to remember their special day.  We love the relationships that grow after we meet each couple.  There’s nothing better than making at least 2 new friends every time you shoot a wedding or e-session.  To our friends, old and new… we love you.  You rock!
  4. All Things Design:  Obviously, we love photography.  We love the fact that you can be creative with it.  You can “design” with it.  You can capture life with it.  Now, that said, we have a passion for pretty much all things design.  As a future architect + a graphic designer, we really enjoy consuming design on a daily basis.  The places we go, the blogs we follow, everything.  Design is everywhere.  Look around, see what I mean.  Today’s #4 is a bit random, but the point is to just get out there and start seeing design.  Here is one of my favorite websites:  It covers… you guessed it, all things design.  From the random to the beautiful, NOTCOT has it.  Check it out.  Let us know what you think.
  5. Chipotle:  No big surprise, we’re blogging about food.  Again.  If you know us, you’d know that food is an important part of our life.  We consider food a challenge sometimes.  R, being a vegetarian, obviously has certain likes and dislikes.  I, being an anything-atarian, will eat whatever.  We love to try new recipes, some good, some horribly terrible.  Regardless of the outcome, it’s just one more small adventure we get to go on.  One thing, however, we can ALWAYS agree on is Chipotle. *insert Chipotle plug here*  They use the freshest of the fresh vegetable, anti-biotic free animals, and, in turn, have some of the best burritos in the world.  Fact.

(We’re going there now. :) )

This installment of the Friday Five has been brought to you by… nobody.  However, if you’d like to sponsor us, go ahead and send that money our way. :)  Have a great weekend everybody.  Stick around for one of our latest e-sessions.  Coming soon!

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