Friday Five :: Melting, Selling and Creating

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you had an amazing week. I absolutely cannot believe it’s already Friday. If any of you follow us on Twitter, you might have stumbled across the fact that we indeed had a date to see the Justin Bieber movie tonight with my little sister. Unfortunately, my dad decided it would be a good dad/daughter date night, and opted to take her instead … I am sure you can imagine, J is just torn up about not being able to see his favorite tween-heartthrob on the big screen.*

*That’s sarcasm

This week’s Friday Five is all about change. Even though I have been known in the past to dig my heels in and refuse change, like the kid who has to be dragged through the parking lot by her arm, while screaming, “I don’t want to help you grocery shop!” … Good thing I am easily distracted: That same kid changes her tune when she realizes the store has a miniature shopping cart she can push all by herself. Silver lining? I think so! So yes, thanks to J, I can see the silver lining in things to come. It isn’t scary … It’s exciting. 

  1. Warmer weather: We are pretty much over this weather. We LOVE being outside and enjoying the beautiful weather. Well friends, it’s been colder than a (insert crude joke here) lately, and we’re just over it. Just when we thought about moving to Portland early, Indiana decided to hook us up with a little preview of Spring. It’s (supposedly) going to get near 50 degrees this weekend. Good news for the college guys in our area … I guarantee there will be girls sunbathing. Indiana is hilarious in that way: In October, when it gets below 55 degrees, people are putting on their down coats and hats. However, in February/March, when it gets above 45, people are rocking shorts and sandals. So yes, we are so excited for all of the ice and snow to melt. We’ve been eager to get our feet on the ground and start running.
  2. Our realtor: Even though we aren’t moving until October/November, we have started the adventure of selling our house (that stubborn little girl inside me is about to have a temper tantrum right in the middle of the produce section). Our realtor stopped by this week to do his initial walkthrough of the house. Before he left, we made a list of what we need to change before listing, and we have a timeline now. Our un-official listing date is April 5th. What-the-what??? That’s so soon. The next 55-ish days are going to be full of late nights and probably a little bickering over whether we should paint the office light beige or dusty wheat (I made those up, can you tell?). We are super excited to get our house on the market … It’s one step closer to Portland.
  3. Lowes: Not sure if you knew this or not, but J is in grad school right now, getting his masters degree in Architecture. Yeah, he’s smart, and I think it’s sexy. He graduates this May, but not before completing his thesis project. I know he could explain it a lot better than I am going to, but basically, he’s building a multi-use studio space. It’s like a shed, but modern and open. He has a small budget to work with, therefore, he’s relying on local businesses to help him out with materials. The Lowes by our house was gracious enough to give him two huge carts of wood for a ridiculously low price. There’s so much that he can’t park in his garage space at the moment. Huge kudos to Lowes for supporting a ‘poor college kid’.
  4. The Great Purge of 2011: Since we are moving, we are taking the opportunity to rid ourselves of all of the useless crap we’ve acquired over the last 5 years together. We’ve made so many runs to Goodwill, it’s not even funny. We’re intending on having a garage sale this summer, and making Craigslist our biatch! In fact, the only things we’re planning on taking with us are a dresser, our dining room table (maybe), clothing, TV, camera gear (of course) and a few other sentimental gifts and belongings. We’re undecided on dishes … my luck, they’ll all break! So, this means almost everything has to be sold or donated. This seemed crazy at first, but I cannot explain how freeing it is to get rid of all things unnecessary. Plus, Portland has an IKEA! <— I really wanted to use 14 more exclamation points right there.
  5. Website: I was really hesitant to even mention this, but we’ve been in the process of designing our website for the last month or so. We decided 2011 is a HUGE year for us, and even though we love our blog, we need more. We are intending on keeping our blog just the way it is (content wise), and just giving it a little visual facelift. We love that we have this platform, but we think a website is imperative for our potential clients. Our goal is to make it an interactive experience for our future clients. A huge, super-thankful shout out to ShowIt. They take care of all of the techy, code stuff, and allow us to focus on the design aspect. We are creating our site from scratch, but they also supply templates for those who aren’t particularly design savvy. It’s been a breeze.

These shots below are blurred on purpose. Like I said, I almost didn’t include the website this week, but we’re really excited. We haven’t decided if we’re redesigning our logo, and plus, we want to create some suspense for our launch. 

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