Friday Five :: A Brain Dump

Happy Friday everyone! This week flew by so quickly!! I really cannot believe it’s Friday. We don’t really have any plans this weekend (good thing, because J is so sick right now), but we are going to relax and try to get a few things done around the house. Since this week went by so fast, I hadn’t really had the chance to gather my thoughts for the Friday Five this week. Instead, I just thought I’d do a brain dump of sorts … That means, this is going to be really random! We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  • Last week, I mentioned that the weather was going to be getting much better around here. Well, it happened. We made it into the 60’s this week, which means we got outside. Now, we aren’t afraid to get outside when it’s chilly, but in a two week span, Indiana went from 1 degree to 60 degrees. That’s just pure craziness. We’ve taken the dogs on walks and really enjoyed this warm air. Unfortunately, I hear the cold weather is going to creep back for a bit. Boooo!
  • The snow is all gone now! We’ve never experienced weather like we had a few weeks ago (1.5 inches of ice and 6 inches of snow on top). This made every tiny trek outside a disaster waiting to happen. I am so happy to look outside the office window and see green (or at least dingy green). 
  • The book I’ve been wanting to read, “In Defense of Food” finally made it’s way back to the library. I checked it out earlier this week, and I can’t wait to start reading it. Actually, I’m a little scared … Being a vegetarian is already a challenge at times. I’m hoping it can help educate me a little further though.
  • Speaking of being a vegetarian: Tuesday marked 3 years since I become a vegetarian. It seems like forever, but I think 3 years is a big milestone. If memory serves me, I believe we ate Taco Bell for dinner on Tuesday. Not exactly the ideal vegetarian fare, but man, that bean burrito was amazing!
  • Our accountant is coming over tonight to do our taxes. Last year wasn’t a big deal because our business had only been established for about 4 months before the end of the year which meant we had so many deductions and not a whole lot of income. This year, however, was a full year. We are actually pretty excited about getting our taxes done. Is that weird? Maybe it just feels good knowing that we can make a living doing what we love.
  • Tomorrow is the 2 year anniversary since we shot our very first wedding. My mom and her husband were married on Smathers Beach in Key West, FL and we were there to capture it. We shot it with a Canon Rebel, and had NO idea that we would be wedding photographers a year later. I think we’ll do a little post about it tomorrow, just for fun.
  • Spring is coming … That means there is going to be a lot of rain in Indiana over the next couple months. Even though J and I say ‘no gifts’ on holidays, one of us always breaks the rules. This time, he got me the pair of boots I’ve been wanting for months. They are Hunter ‘Wellies’. I opted to go the untraditional route with the egg blue color. They are so comfortable. I’ve warn them twice now on long walks with the dogs, and my feet stay warm and dry. I have a feeling these will come in handy in Portland. Thanks to my sneaky snake friend, Amy, for helping Jimmy spy! I had no idea!! 

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