Friday Five :: Tazo, Kiss My Face and Kinect

It’s been awhile (two months) since our last Friday Five post! That’s kind of embarrassing, considering we were totally on a roll there for awhile. We fully plan on keeping up with the Friday Five through 2011, so we’ll just call this one the first of the year … and there will be more to come. Promise.

One thing before the five … We just joined Formspring. It’s a place where you can go and ask us (just about) anything. We get emails and comments with photo questions frequently, and we always try to remember to do an FAQ post to answer, but honestly, we forget sometimes. So yeah … go ask us some questions. Can be about us too! Maybe we can share some of our favorite Q&A’s on a future post!

This Friday Five is a bit of a brain dump. I guess you could say they all are … So prepare yourself for some randomness.

  1. Date Night: Yes. Tonight has been declared as ‘Date Night’ in the Stadick household. We are turning off the phones and going out to dinner and a movie. We said we would go on a really nice date once 2011 rolled around, but hadn’t had a chance to yet. Even though we live together, it’s so important to have actual date nights … After all, it feels special to get a little dolled up and head out for a night on the town!
  2. Tazo Tea: Have we talked about this on here yet? It’s so amazing. Right now, we’re going through about 2-4 hot tea bags per day. It’s actually 1 degree outside this morning, so you can probably understand why hot tea is so appealing this time of year. We took a trip to Whole Foods last night and I was beside myself when I saw that the Tazo was on sale, and they had our favorite flavor! This Passion tea is hard to find!!
  3. XBox Kinect: We’ve had the Kinect for about a month now. It is great! We bought a fitness game to go with it, and it’s crazy-responsive. There are games to play, personal training sessions and workout routines. It keeps track of your posture and coaches you if you’re doing something wrong. The Kinect came with an adventures game which actually ended up being really fun (and exhausting). I think we get a WIN for that purchase!
  4. Google Reader: In our last Friday Five (wayyyy back in November), we did a Day in the Life five. We included some of the blogs that we frequent. Since then, I discovered the magic of Google Reader. No more dealing with bookmarks. Now, I can just open Safari, and all of the new posts from those I follow are right there! Gahhhh! It’s amazing. 
  5. Natural skin/body/haircare products: I’ve officially been a vegetarian for 3 years now. I am quite proud of that, but so far, it’s been easy. I love to cook, I love food … so learning how to do both of those in a new way has been fun and exciting. We’ve been interested in using more natural products around the home lately … Being vegetarian shouldn’t only apply to the foods you eat. After doing research, we found Kiss My Face. They produce body care products that are vegan and cruelty free. You can shop from their website or find them in a few stores (like Target). We finally bit the bullet and bought the shampoo and conditioner. We also picked up a tube of Tom’s tooth paste (again, cruelty and animal free), and a bottle of Nature’s Gate body wash. Yes, they are a bit more expensive ($8.00 for the shampoo, $5.00 for toothpaste, and $7.50 for body wash), but it’s totally worth it. I don’t ever watch those awful PETA videos, but I have heard about the horrific way animals are treated while being test subjects for the millions of everyday products we use. To me, paying $2 more every month or so if just fine … and I will do so with a smile on my face. My next step is finding makeup that follows these same guidelines. Suggestions are definitely welcome.

Tazo-Passion-Tea.jpgKiss-My-Face.jpg Toms-Toothpaste.jpg

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