2011 Business Goals

Whenever a new year starts, I feel huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. It gives me the feeling that with a new year, anything is possible. It also always encourages me to start making new goals and planning new adventures for us to tackle over the next 365 days. 

2010 was a big year for us! It was the first full year that we shot weddings, and we got to travel a lot. It was a really fun year, but I have a feeling 2011 has the potential to top 2010. Both Jim and I have personal goals for 2011, but I thought it would be fun to put the pen to the paper and write down a list of business goals. One thing I’ve realized (even though it’s very obvious): our business is not going to grow itself. We do believe in a certain amount of organic growth, but if we want certain things to happen, we have to make it happen! No more complacency! I’m treating this post as a brain dump, meaning there is no specific order in which I’m sharing these goals. They are all just as important as the others, and I really hope that once January 1st, 2012 rings in, we will be able to say we’ve accomplished each and every one of them!

  • Continue our client relationship building: Thanks to the Spread the Love Tour we attended last year, we learned how important building meaningful relationships with our clients is. We work so hard to form these relationships, and I just want to remember how important it is, and really focus on spoiling our clients rotten. They deserve it!
  • I guess elaborating on that last point, we’d love to be sure we have dinner with all of our wedding clients at least once before their weddings. The most rewarding part of this job is that we really do make new friends. Our clients are busy planning the biggest day of their lives, so I want to be sure they can take a night off and have dinner with friends … no stress, good food … sounds like a good time to me!
  • Submit every wedding and engagement session to our favorite online wedding blogs: Here’s where not being complacent comes into play: We’ve never submitted a shoot. Yet, we are disappointed that we’ve never been featured. Duh! We need to submit. We love our work, and having it published would be awesome.
  • We’d love to have at least one of our weddings featured in a printed publication: The internet is an amazing goal, but I’d LOVE to have our photos printed in a nation-wide wedding or photography magazine. 
  • Re-brand ourselves: At this point, we have a blog … and that’s it! We’d love to launch a website that compliments a blog (which we’ll be redesigning as well). As of now, we’re working on a new logo, and really focusing on being sure we’re designing a BRAND, not just a logo. This is a big deal and I know 2011 will be the year that we’ll be super serious about our image.
  • Start an ‘about’ section at the end of every blog post: I’d love to have a little bit of a feature of each of our clients at the end of their blog posts. I mean, they are all so different, and we love that about them. This would also be a good place for us to give shout-outs to all of the amazing vendors that we work with.
  • Be more vendor friendly: We always gather business cards from the vendors on any given wedding day, however, they just sit around in a box. I am going to make a better effort to give them credit on our blog, as well as following up with them after the wedding day, and being sure they receive images showcasing their work. We’re starting a preferred vendor program for our clients as well. 
  • Network more in Oregon: I sort of hate the word ‘network’ … We want to build relationships in Oregon. We are moving to Portland in October (hopefully), and it would be amazing to move out there with relationships formed and some roots already established. We already have some of our best friends out there, now it’s just a matter of meeting people from our industry and really having a niche when we get out there.
  • Book a wedding in Portland: We are totally living by the motto, “Jump, and a net will appear”, but it would be very nice to book a wedding in Oregon before we pack up everything we own and move across the US. This comes back to networking and submitting to publications … We have to make it happen!
  • Hand write thank you cards: Hearing a thank you almost always makes hard work worthwhile. We are making sure to send hand-written thank you cards to those who make us so thankful to be doing what we love. Thanks to Three Fifteen Design for designing and printing these cards for us. 

portland-wedding-photographers.jpg portland-graphic-design.jpg indianapolis-wedding-design.jpg

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