Friday Five :: Chicago, The Strokes & Pinterest

Happy Friday!! We are gearing up for a SUPER busy week, but wanted to pop in here today with our latest Friday Five. We hope you’re all enjoying what June has brought your way so far. Is it just us, or does it seem absolutely crazy that it’s June already? 

  1. Pinterest: Whoever thought up Pinterest totally destroyed productivity for hundreds or even thousands of creatives. We absolutely love it. It’s an awesome place to showcase your work, as well as make virtual pin boards for images you find all over the web. It’s great to network and find other people who share the same design sense you do, and it’s so amazing to use as a scrap book for future projects. We’ve already built our dream home on a board. It’s awesome. One nice thing about Pinterest is that it requires an invite to join, which helps keep the content pretty interesting. It hasn’t been overrun with spam! If you’d like an invite, just let us know. Here’s a link to my boards and here’s the link to J’s.
  2. Chicago: Oh, the city of love … We absolutely LOVE Chicago. It’s where we got engaged and spent many mini-vacations with friends & family. We’re heading up there early next week for a workshop. We’ll be staying with friends, eating good food, drinking cold beer, and enjoying the best that Chi-Town has to offer in the summer time. It seriously makes my heart hurt (in a good way) knowing we’ll be up there for 3 whole days. A huge thank you to my dad for house sitting for us while we’re gone!!
  3. Running: I cannot believe I just typed RUNNING. But, it has happened. I’m addicited. Thanks to my friend Evan for the awesome jogging plan, I’ve increased my jogging time each week. I’m on an 8 week plan as of now, which should result in being able to run for 30 minutes without stopping. It’s been a huge goal to run a half marathon with J, so this is the year! Plus, living in Oregon means tons of trails & hills to play on … We both need to be sure we’re in awesome shape before then.
  4. Lightroom: Since we started our business, we’ve been Adobe Bridge users. It’s been just fine, but we’ve heard that Lightroom is where it’s at when it comes to efficiency & workflow. We just bought the software last week, and we’re slowly getting the hang of things. So far, so good. We wouldn’t be anywhere without our AMAZING friends atPhotography Concentrate. Their Lightroom tutorial videos are out-of-this-world comprehensive & easy to follow. If you’re a Lightroom user already, I am pretty sure you could still benefit from these videos!
  5. The Strokes: It’s not too often either of us get obsessed with something. In fact, I can’t remember the last thing I thought about so often. Have you heard The Strokes? Do yourself a favor … Go to iTunes … Download all 4 of their albums. The music is exactly what we need to work in the office all day … It’s the only music that gets me pumped during running. I constantly look for music that makes my soul feel free, and The Strokes totally do it for me. Our feet are always bouncing around under our desks, and there’s enough air guitar and air drums in our office to start our own band!! They are a totally legit rock bank with heavy lyrics and a lot of ‘epicness’ <- Maybe not a real word, but you get the drift. Their newest album has a more new-wave, electronic feel to it complete with amazing guitar solos, strong drum beats & the oh-so-amazing-best-i’ve-ever-heard voice of Julian Casablancas. It might be their best yet. Such a talented group of people.


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