Ezra :: The Birth Story

When Nate & Jess invited me into their home to photograph Ezra’s arrival, I couldn’t thank them enough. The experience was beautiful. Jess was so strong … she kept to herself … worked through the pain. She had so much grace. Nate was the perfect partner … He was there to comfort her, and even there to help catch Ezra as he was born. After Ezra was born, their midwife, Holly, asked me what I thought. My response, “Besides the baby, it was uneventful”. At first, that sounds like it was boring, but it was the opposite. I mean, it was so calm … It was so natural. Nothing was rushed. Jess let her body tell her what to do. Holly and her birth assistants, Heather & Gretchen used soft whispers to encourage. They let Jess tell them what she wanted/needed to do. So, instead of ‘uneventful’, maybe I should have said, ‘It was exactly what I thought it would be’. It was inspiring.

So grateful Nate & Jess gave me permission to share these photographs.

Portland Birth Photographer 70.jpg

Portland Birth Photographer 71.jpg

Indianapolis Birth Photographer 65.jpg

Indianapolis Birth Photographer 69.jpg

Indianapolis Birth Photographer 67.jpg

Portland Birth Photographer 76.jpg

Indianapolis Birth Photographer 66.jpg

Portland Birth Photographer 77.jpg

Portland Birth Photographer 74.jpg

Portland Birth Photographer 72.jpg

Portland Birth Photographer 75.jpg

Indianapolis Birth Photographer 68.jpg

Indianapolis Birth Photographer 64.jpg

Portland Birth Photographer 73.jpg

If you are pregnant, and thinking of having your birth photographed, please contact me. If you’re looking for an intimate, beautiful set of photographs to tell the story of your birth, having a professional photographer there cannot be recommended enough!

You can see the full slideshow of images over on my other blog.

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