Gary & Lauren :: Together

Why is it always so hard to think of the words for a blog post when you’ve known the person on the other side for … well, for forever? Lauren & I met in 6th grade. We were both hyper, awkward, and shared the same love for Leonardo DiCaprio & Adidas Superstar tennis shoes. We spent endless hours making Titanic scrapbooks (hanging my head in shame), and chatting on the AOL chat rooms that used to be so cool. We visited downtown Pittsburg, rode in backward-facing seats on an airplane, and watched American Pie well before we should have.

After high school, Lauren ended up in Boston and then Chicago. Since, she has met and fell in love with Gary, and she’s started her photography business. Once again, we have way too much in common … we’re both still hyper, and I am sure at times, a bit awkward. I love that we both found our passion in something that welcomes our free spirits. So happy we’re still friends all of these years later! Most of all … I’m glad she found Gary: an amazing guy. He’s hysterical, and pretty darn cute, too! Thank you guys so much for being so awesome! 

We started the session out in their apartment. The light was to die for!

Portland Photographer 001.jpg

Rawr! Now, that’s smizing!! :)Portland Photographer 002.jpg

Portland Photographer 008.jpg

Portland Photographer 003.jpg

Their dog, Goose!Portland Photographer 005.jpg

Yessss!Portland Photographer 006.jpg

FAVORITE!!! This needs to be on your walls!Portland Photographer 004.jpg

Portland Photographer 007.jpg

Chicago Photographer 009.jpg

Chicago Photographer 014.jpg

Chicago Photographer 013.jpg

Lauren & her bracelets. Chicago Photographer 012.jpg

Chicago Photographer 011.jpg

This. Is. Love.Chicago Photographer 010.jpg

Chicago Photographer 015.jpg

Chicago Photographer 016.jpg

Chicago Photographer 017.jpg

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