Friday Five :: Construction, Equalibriums & Vampires

Happy Friday!!! We hope you had an amazing first week of summer! We were slightly MIA from the blog this week, but this might explain it a bit. We’ve got some plans this weekend, but they include dinner & drinks with friends and playing in the flowerbeds. Nothing to complain about on that front!

  1. Kings Island: On Tuesday, J and I took his little brother and my little sister (10 & 12) to Kings Island. As it turns out, my sister is deathly afraid of roller coasters. Unfortunately for her, I believe in facing your fears head on … Especially when you’re afraid of something that’s so fun. She ended up riding 80% of the rides, and didn’t pass out! After much avoidance, J convinced me to ride the new Diamondback coaster (pictured below). While there are no loops, there are tons of huge hills, and no sides to the ride … You just sit in your chair. It was AMAZING. When we went down the first hill, I closed my eyes and it felt just like jumping from an airplane. We had a blast and it was pretty fun hanging out with two hysterical tweens. 
  2. Completing a Challenge: About 30 days ago, we decided we’d blog for 30 days, straight. We did it. It was really fun. I’ve done this challenge before, and it always feels good to be done. So much pressure!! It was nice to take a week away from the blog. We are feeling a little refreshed on the digital front, and have some fun things coming up!
  3. Construction: What’s the worst part of road construction in front of your house? Well, typically, nothing. For us, it’s our two insane dogs. Every time a steam roller or dump truck backs up and let’s out its ‘beep. beep. beep’, the dogs go apeshit. While we’re glad our road won’t look like a scene from Dante’s Peak … We are ready for our psycho dogs to have a break from the over-stimulation from the construction workers & machinery. 
  4. Free Music: If you’re anything like us, you LOVE music. Quite awhile back, I stumbled across the Urban Outfitters’ music blog. Every Monday, they post 5 new songs that are free to download. Road trips & house work have become so much more interesting since downloading 300+ new songs from artists we’ve never heard of before. Then, a few weeks ago, I added SPIN magazine’s blog to my Google Reader. I LOVE keeping up with news from the music industry. Plus, they put compilations of free downloads up once or twice a week. While there are some ultra weird songs on both blogs, we’ve discovered a love for some artists we’ve never known like: Deer Tick, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., My Morning Jacket, Beirut, The Phoenix Foundation, and Alela Diane.
  5. True Blood: It’s bbbbaaaccckkkkk! In a general sense, my husband got it pretty lucky when he landed me! I’m not too girly, definitely not too high-maintenence. I don’t really like jewelry & I don’t force him to watch chick flicks. However, he isn’t so lucky when it comes to one of my favorite TV shows: TRUE BLOOD. It’s a crazy show on HBO featuring vampires, fairies, shape shifters, and other crazy sci-fi characters. Yeah … That makes me sound really cool, but oh well! This Sunday, our friend Kathleen is hosting a True Blood premier party … I’ll be counting down the hours, starting now!   

Photo from Kings Island’s website.

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