Our Wedding Bags

Hi there everyone. We are about to head out the door for Mike + Emily’s wedding (the first one of the season). I was getting our bags all packed up, and realized it was a great opportunity for a little post about what our bags look like on a wedding day. We generally pack pretty light on our wedding days. In this case, we are not setting up our Laugh Lab photo booth, so we get to pack a little lighter today (if we had the Laugh Lab we would have another large bag which contains our back drop stand, light stands, lights and a roll of seamless paper).

 This is our Lowepro rolling bag. We take this to every wedding and love it when we travel. It fits in the overhead bins which means we don’t have to check our gear.


Here are our Shootsac’s plus the rolling bag. These are the three bags we always take with us. bags-with-shootsacs.jpg

We carry our Shootsac’s with us all day. They are super comfortable, and can fit almost everything we need.

Jim’s Shootsac: Flashes, a few lenses, batteries, business cards, memory card pouch (with lots of cards) (not pictured).bag-ravyns-shootsac.jpg

Ravyn’s shootsac: Flash, a few lenses, extra batteries, memory card pouch (with lots of cards), business cards (not pictured).bag-jims-shootsac.jpg

The rolling bag will either stay in the car, or tucked away in a locked office or other safe place. This is where we keep backup camera bodies, big lenses, travel hard drives, card reader, battery pack, extra batteries, diffusers and cleaning clothes. The 70-200 2.8 rarely gets used on the wedding day, so hauling it around in the Shootsac isn’t the best idea for us: it’s heavy and if we need it, we can just grab it from this bag.bag-full.jpg

We also bring lots of extra business cards, our little pre-wedding questionnaire (we rarely need to reference it again, but we bring it just in case), and cards for the reception tables which guests sign up for the wedding gallery emails. bag-paperwork.jpg

Not photographed is our off-camera light setup for the reception. It consists of two light stands and two lights. We also keep gum, chapstick, trail mix and a few other odds and ends in our Shootsacs. 

So, that’s about it. When you can use your gear efficiently, it’s easy to get away with only 3 or even 2 bags. We love our simple setup. Next time you hear from us, we’ll be showing you a sneak peek of Mike + Emily’s beautiful Spring wedding.

*Photos taken with iPhone 4*

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