Haley :: Anytime Session

When I was 13, my little sister was born. She was my first and only sibling, and totally worth waiting for all of those years. This weekend, she’ll be turning 13 … A few weeks ago, we went out together to take some photos … it was the first time I realized that she’s not a baby anymore. Haley is turning in to quite the beautiful young lady, and I’m so glad we were able to spend this time together! 

 Where the sidewalk ends …

Favorite … I love this one! 

 Okay, wait … This one might be my favorite!

 She was being quite the little model, but remember, she’s 12 … We had to have a little dance-party fun!

 I lied twice … This is my favorite! She just learned today that she’ll be getting contact soon. A little sneak into the future. 

Unfortunately, those long, skinny legs weren’t in my gene pool!  

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