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There are times when I curse social media … it’s a timesuck, and I get lost in ‘worm holes’ so fast … it’s not even funny.

Then, there are times when I feel so blessed to be given the technoloy that allows the world to become a much smaller place.

When my friend Rachel introcuced me to Alex (via Twitter), I felt like I had met a soulmate! 

Alex lives over 3,100 miles from my front door … and thanks to the fact that she’s moving to Portland next year, the stars aligned, and we were able to meet up in person.

After sharing a dinner with our hubby’s, we set out later that weekend for a photo session … I welcomed the opportunity to photograph such a beautiful soul! 

Alex laughs with her whole body & her smile is contagious … 

So lucky to have found a friend in her. 

I am obsessed with the fact that Alex isn’t afraid of color. My wardrobe is gray & more gray … when I saw this combo, I was in love … It’s like she’s wearing her personality! 

Favorite photo!! Remember when I said she laughs with her whole body … this is proof!

She’s a beauty!

 I LOVE this one too!! 

Alex, thank you SO much for allowing me to capture your beauty. I cannot wait until you move out here. I have a feeling we’ll be getting in way too much trouble together!

Be sure to check out Alex’s work & say hello while you’re there!  

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