Baby E :: Portland Birth Photography

In the days before, it’s hard to sleep … the anticipation of what’s to come keeps me up with excitement. I know once I arrive, I’ll be transported into another world. A world of pure love … because really, it all started with just that. 

At 10:47, I received a note that it might be time, and I should come over in an hour. A few short minutes later, I got word it was happening quickly & to leave then. I arrived at 11:23 to the sound of a baby’s first cries. 

In the short time, I couldn’t believe that he was already here. While it was fast, the pieces fell in place … the midwives arriving 6 minutes before he did … and all the love in the world sitting in that room. 

It was one dim light, family sleeping in the other room & their other son peacefully sleeping upstairs. 

Home birth feel’s so primal and raw, and at the same time, it feels so intimate … like this delicate space in time. Each time I see new life come into the world within the walls of their home, I am left feeling more blessed & empowered than when I arrived.   

This is the story of Jennifer & Oscar on the night they brought their new son into the world. 


I love this first shot … Baby E had just arrived. The women of Vivante Midwifery did an amazing job! Seriously, three of the kindest souls … exactly what a family deserves during this experience. 

Papa holding baby for the first time. Such a sweet moment. 

 Thank you Jennifer for giving me permission to share such a beautiful image. 

 Love this one so much! 

 First time I’ve seen a sling scale being used. Such a sweet touch to the whole night. I love E’s little feet. 

 Hi Baby E! You are ADORABLE!! 

 Again, I cannot say enough about the ladies of Vivante!! <- I could use 8,000 exclamation points. A huge thank you to Kate of the Portland Mama Baby Center for connecting me with this amazing family. 

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