Trek 4 TEF :: A Fundraiser

Hi everyone!! We are hoping that you can help us out with something really awesome! We’re keeping our words short over here with the hopes you’ll head over to Gary & Courtney’s blog for all of the details. We are a part of an amazing fundraiser which is raising money to help people with disabilities in Ukraine. A team of 20 people will be trekking on Mt. Everest in 2013, and they need our help. 

Trek4TEF from The Elisha Foundation on Vimeo.

Jim & I have donated a discounted Together session (valued at $600), and several fine-art photography prints from our adventures here in Oregon. We are really passionate about giving, and we really hope this fundraiser speaks to your heart. 

To get the Together session: Head over to Gary & Courtney’s blog for all of the details. Scroll to section #5 to see if our session is still available … if so, you’ll hit the ‘Donate Now’ button at the bottom of the post. Even if we’re booked, look to see if there’s another photographer (near you, or a place you’ll be traveling), pick them!! Be sure to act quickly as we are only offering one session. 

To get a beautiful fine-art print: It doesn’t matter if it’s one of our prints, or another print by our amazingly talented friends. Head over to Gary & Courtney’s blog for the details here. Look for section #3 with a link to all of the available prints. Once you find the one you’d love (they are HUGE, beautiful prints, 16x20), go back, hit the “Donate Now” button. Once you’ve donated, head back to the post … leave a comment about your donation, and the print you’d like. 

Lastly, we’ve teamed up with Czar Press to created a limited edition run of letterpress fine-art prints for this journey. When you donate $50, you have the option of a photographic print from the trip, or one of the limited edition letterpress prints. They are BEAUTIFUL! See section #2 for all of the details. 

That’s it!! Please head over to Gary & Courtney’s blog for all of the information. Thank you in advance for being a part of this amazing journey. 

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