The Incredible Holg

Happy Wednesday.  I just wanted to take a minute to share some frames from our latest roll from the Holga.  We got this baby last summer, and have dubbed her “The Incredible Holg.”  After developing the latest roll, from a few different trips (really trying to shoot more film… baby steps), we found out she gets along well with Tri-X 400.  They made beautiful babies together. -J

*On a side note, this is hopefully the first post out of a ton to come.  As you may know, we’re mainly a digital family, but we’ve been trying hard to incorporate more film into our diets.  It provides the necessary challanges for us to continue to push beyond our comfort zone and be creative, to work on technique, and hopefully create some really beautiful and artistic images.  Check out a few more on our personal blog.  The Oregon Tale*

 My favorite from the roll.

 My other favorite. :)

Holga 35mm // Kodak Tri-X 400

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