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Hi Portland friends … First of all, we want to thank those of you who have been cheerleaders for us so far. We know we’re new here, and the support we’ve received from our peers and new friends has been awesome.

Now that we have the mushy stuff out of the way … we wanted to talk about something exciting! 

You see … We’ve spent the last few months gathering fun ideas, and visiting some amazing places in Oregon. Now we want to challenge ourselves and make these ideas come to life. We are starting a series of inspiration shoots, and we are looking for a few couples to model for us.

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Who You Are

  • You’re a guy … or a gal … and you happen to have someone in your life you love spending time with. Boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse … It doesn’t matter as long as you two are in love, and you want to yell it from a mountain <-well, we won’t make you do that … No worries. 
  • You love having fun with said partner, and you think it would be really awesome to hang out with us and have some rad photos made.
  • You’re in (or close to) Portland, Oregon
  • You’re up for a little adventure … Of course, we’ll do the driving. We’re expecting a few shoots to be on the coast or in the Gorge. 

Who We Are

  • Maybe you already know us … If not, take a few minutes to browse through the blog. You’ll learn a lot about us here. 
  • We just moved to Portland, and we’re really passionate about sharing with others and staying inspired … That’s sort of what this whole thing is about! 
  • When it comes to photography, we aren’t traditional. We have fun on our shoots and aim to capture the real moments that happen while we’re there.   

Upload from December 21, 2011

Like we mentioned up there … We’re planning several different shoots: on the coast, in the Gorge, up in the hills/forest, and a couple in the city. Shoots will take place between February & June, and we’ll be lightly styling each shoot, which means we can infuse a lot of your personalities into the photos.

If you’re interested, shoot us an email: HELLO (at) JIMANDRAVYN (dot) COM. Be sure to introduce yourself. Let us know a little bit about you guys, and why you’d love to work with us.

We’ll talk about all of the details in the email, like when we’re planning the shoots, what to bring/wear, and where they’ll be taking place. Oh yeah, we’ll talk about the usage of the photos once we’re done too (don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging)!

We’re excited to work with you!


Jim & Ravyn

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