A Little Lincoln City Adventure

Earlier this week we joined our dear friends Matt & Alison in Lincoln City (a beautiful city on the Oregon coast). Right at sunset, the 4 of us headed out to the beach for a little photo fun! 

Jim took this photo … probably my favorite from the trip! 

 Ali & I getting ready … Not quite sure what was happening here, but I assure you, it didn’t involve slapping. 

 Love this girl. 

 Love this photo so much … Lucky to know you, friend!! 

 Thanks to Matt & Ali for taking these photos of us! 

 A little bit of blur … but I love this. 

You two are so lovely.  

 Love this shot that Ali made of us!! Seriously … a beautiful moment captured by one talented lady. 

 It was cold, but we were determined to watch the sun go down. 

This adventure was so much fun! Looking forward to sharing more of it soon. 


Jim & Ravyn

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