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Hello! We are Jim and Ravyn Stadick. Welcome to our little home on the internet. First things first, Jim is like Jim … or Gym, you get it, right? Ravyn is like the bird. Stadick is like electricity. Yes, those are our real names. Together, we are a husband + wife photography team who love what we do and love our super fun, awesome, amazing clients even more. We are based in Portland, Oregon, and our hearts sing big time when we travel. 

You’ve made it to our blog. Here, you’ll find our latest work and a bit of our personal lives. If you want to know more, click on the contact button to send us a message. Be sure to visit our website for more about the J&R wedding photography experience. 

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Jim & Ravyn

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It's Here! The New Jim & Ravyn Photographers Site is Live!


YOU GUYS!!! It’s here! We so so excited to announce the launch of the new Jim & Ravyn Photographers website!! It’s been a true labor of love. We have been working all year to really personalize our client experience, and tailor our buisness towards the clients that we love working with most. After all of our work, our images & brand have a new home! I am pretty smitten with this site!

First of all, we wanted to make things super easy for our potential clients. While our old site was *okay*, it was a little busy … we felt like there were so many extra elements that didn’t really serve a purpose. With our new site, we wanted to give the important information about our services, photographs, and packages along with the info we thought couples would want to know about us.

The details page is one of my favorites! It’s a snapshot of the Jim & Ravyn photography experience. 


I love how large our photos are on this site. When visitors head to the gallery, they can scroll through a ton of big images we’ve personally selected as our favorites. 

Working with dream clients has been a goal of ours since day one. Because we focus so much on getting to know every couple, we make sure we don’t end up with people we don’t relate to. We LOVE our clients … we do dinners, game nights, and they truly mean so much to us. The clients page was super important so we could be sure we keep working with the people that inspire us so much!! 


We weren’t interested in making this site all about us … because it’s not! It’s about our potential clients. BUT, with that said, we do know that we are the only ones who can deliver the client experience that our amazing couples get. We are photographers because we truly love LOVE … we thought it was important that people understand how much we love the adventure we’ve chosen. Working together is so fun!


I am so THRILLED that my birth photography (we call it Little Joy) has a place on our site. Before, it was just on the blog … I had a hard time ensuring that my birth clients were seeing the exact information they needed before choosing to have their birth’s photographed. 


Lastly (well, there is much more), we are pretty obsessed with travel, and it was really important to us that our adventures were featured on our site. We believe that adventure is a key part of our relationship, and we want to work with clients who share that same feeling. Whether it’s taking a walk around your neighborhood, swimming in the ocean, or hiking up a mountain, the world is an amazing place we think should be explored. In our little adventure section, visitors can see our favorite trips in Oregon, and see our favorite images from each. There’s a link to our personal blog as well. I really love that it gives our clients ideas for their own weddings or engagement sessions. 


Be sure to check out the new site … we are so very excited about this launch! Also, if you like our work, would you be a doll & follow the Jim & Ravyn photography page over on Facebook? We’ll be announcing a really exciting giveaway there later this week!! 

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Rowan :: A Preview

 Thank you, Sarah, for allowing me to capture this beautiful moment. 



Full of love.

Watching new parents is amazing … especially when they are exactly the parents you imagine they’ll be. Ken & Sarah have the kindest way about them … I watched as they became parents, and now, I get to see them interact with their lovely daughter.

They are comfortable, natural, and full of love … 

Here’s a preview of Rowan’s newborn session in her home.  

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Matt & Ali :: A Preview

Matt & Ali

Today, Matt & Ali are celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary.

Yesterday, we joined them at Skamania Lodge in the Columbia River Gorge.

The air was warm … the breeze was perfect. The first bits of Autumn air were all around, and our hearts were full.

These two are incredible, and we’re lucky enough to call them our friends … Here’s a preview of their love story!


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Big Changes!!

Knock, knock!! It’s us, Jim & Ravyn … After a summer of traveling, working with awesome clients, and enjoying the sunshine (yes, it has been sunny in Portland), we are back in the studio, and gearing up for the launch of our new website and blog.

While the new website isn’t quite ready to launch yet, we have updated the landing page … before, people were probably thinking we still live in Indiana. Well folks, we are here to tell you, we live in Portland, Oregon … yes, for almost a year now, and we’re so excited about meeting exciting, adventurous, and fun clients for 2012 & 2013. Our new site will have a much fresher feel & we’re excited to share what we’ve been working on behind our cameras. 

Until the new site launches, we thought we’d give you some helpful links here:

  • If you’re pregnant, live in Portland/Beaverton/Vancouver/Camas/Tigard, and are thinking of having your birth documented with beautiful photographs, be sure to send Ravyn an email. You can view the recent birth photographs here
  • If you’re engaged and looking for a wedding photographer, we’d LOVE to talk with you … in fact, we’d rather meet in person over a nice cold pint of beer. We love to travel, so Skype will work too! Either way, be sure to contact us to tell us about you and your wedding day. Here are some recent wedding photographs … we love these couples! 
  • Are you in love? Dating? Married? Celebrating a big moment in life? That’s so awesome … let’s get together for an ‘Anytime Session’ to share your story. Here’s how we have fun during Anytime Sessions

You can always send us an email, too: hello (at) jimandravyn (dot) com … We are so excited about this launch & cannot wait to photograph you & yours!! 


Jim & Ravyn

Baby K :: A Preview :: Portland Birth Photography

Last night, I spent a few hours with the sweetest people I know … At midnight, I turned 27 years old, and 20 minutes later, Sarah & Ken welcomed their sweet baby girl into the world. 

It was magical, empowering, and most of all, it was full of love. I cannot wait to share more. Until then, here’s a preview. 

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**The wonderful women of Vivante Midwifery were there to care for the family as they welcomed their baby!**