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Hello! We are Jim and Ravyn Stadick. Welcome to our little home on the internet. First things first, Jim is like Jim … or Gym, you get it, right? Ravyn is like the bird. Stadick is like electricity. Yes, those are our real names. Together, we are a husband + wife photography team who love what we do and love our super fun, awesome, amazing clients even more. We are based in Portland, Oregon, and our hearts sing big time when we travel. 

You’ve made it to our blog. Here, you’ll find our latest work and a bit of our personal lives. If you want to know more, click on the contact button to send us a message. Be sure to visit our website for more about the J&R wedding photography experience. 

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Jim & Ravyn

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Ryan & Meghan :: One (or three) Frame(s)

Not sure there’s much more better than shooting a wedding for two people we love dearly.

R & M hold such a special place in our hearts, and we were so excited to document this day for them.

Until the full post, here’s a little peek at the amazingness of Ryan & Meghan.

Ryan & Meghan

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A Little Lincoln City Adventure

Earlier this week we joined our dear friends Matt & Alison in Lincoln City (a beautiful city on the Oregon coast). Right at sunset, the 4 of us headed out to the beach for a little photo fun! 

Jim took this photo … probably my favorite from the trip! 

 Ali & I getting ready … Not quite sure what was happening here, but I assure you, it didn’t involve slapping. 

 Love this girl. 

 Love this photo so much … Lucky to know you, friend!! 

 Thanks to Matt & Ali for taking these photos of us! 

 A little bit of blur … but I love this. 

You two are so lovely.  

 Love this shot that Ali made of us!! Seriously … a beautiful moment captured by one talented lady. 

 It was cold, but we were determined to watch the sun go down. 

This adventure was so much fun! Looking forward to sharing more of it soon. 


Jim & Ravyn

Getting Personal ...

Hi friends!! Hope you’re having an amazing weekend!

The skies in Portland are mostly blue, and we couldn’t be happier about that. While Portland is known for being drizzly, we’ve had a LOT of rain lately, so we’re totally soaking up the sunshine as it shows itself a little more often!

We wanted to pop in to be sure you knew about our personal blog. We’re going to start blogging a little more around here, but most of our personal adventures will still be over at The Oregon Tale. As we come up on our 6 month anniversary of living in Portland, we’ve put quite a few awesome experiences under our belts (and on our blog), and we want to share! 


J & R

Baby E :: Portland Birth Photography

In the days before, it’s hard to sleep … the anticipation of what’s to come keeps me up with excitement. I know once I arrive, I’ll be transported into another world. A world of pure love … because really, it all started with just that. 

At 10:47, I received a note that it might be time, and I should come over in an hour. A few short minutes later, I got word it was happening quickly & to leave then. I arrived at 11:23 to the sound of a baby’s first cries. 

In the short time, I couldn’t believe that he was already here. While it was fast, the pieces fell in place … the midwives arriving 6 minutes before he did … and all the love in the world sitting in that room. 

It was one dim light, family sleeping in the other room & their other son peacefully sleeping upstairs. 

Home birth feel’s so primal and raw, and at the same time, it feels so intimate … like this delicate space in time. Each time I see new life come into the world within the walls of their home, I am left feeling more blessed & empowered than when I arrived.   

This is the story of Jennifer & Oscar on the night they brought their new son into the world. 


I love this first shot … Baby E had just arrived. The women of Vivante Midwifery did an amazing job! Seriously, three of the kindest souls … exactly what a family deserves during this experience. 

Papa holding baby for the first time. Such a sweet moment. 

 Thank you Jennifer for giving me permission to share such a beautiful image. 

 Love this one so much! 

 First time I’ve seen a sling scale being used. Such a sweet touch to the whole night. I love E’s little feet. 

 Hi Baby E! You are ADORABLE!! 

 Again, I cannot say enough about the ladies of Vivante!! <- I could use 8,000 exclamation points. A huge thank you to Kate of the Portland Mama Baby Center for connecting me with this amazing family. 

Alex :: Anytime

There are times when I curse social media … it’s a timesuck, and I get lost in ‘worm holes’ so fast … it’s not even funny.

Then, there are times when I feel so blessed to be given the technoloy that allows the world to become a much smaller place.

When my friend Rachel introcuced me to Alex (via Twitter), I felt like I had met a soulmate! 

Alex lives over 3,100 miles from my front door … and thanks to the fact that she’s moving to Portland next year, the stars aligned, and we were able to meet up in person.

After sharing a dinner with our hubby’s, we set out later that weekend for a photo session … I welcomed the opportunity to photograph such a beautiful soul! 

Alex laughs with her whole body & her smile is contagious … 

So lucky to have found a friend in her. 

I am obsessed with the fact that Alex isn’t afraid of color. My wardrobe is gray & more gray … when I saw this combo, I was in love … It’s like she’s wearing her personality! 

Favorite photo!! Remember when I said she laughs with her whole body … this is proof!

She’s a beauty!

 I LOVE this one too!! 

Alex, thank you SO much for allowing me to capture your beauty. I cannot wait until you move out here. I have a feeling we’ll be getting in way too much trouble together!

Be sure to check out Alex’s work & say hello while you’re there!  

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